Our Vision is a constant affirmation, education and environmental protection as a basic need and right of every individual and society as a whole.

Friends of Nature – "Eko Element“, was established in August 2008 as non-political, non-government and non-profit association, which gathered all citizens that wish and aspire, for the sake of preservation of life on the earth and future generations, to give their contribution to improve the environmental situation for both – the well-being of humanity and preservation of the wild life as evolutionary heritage of the Earth.


Our mission is the preservation and improvement of the of the natural environment, promotion of sustainable development and awareness of environmental protection, and cultural and historical heritage as a natural part of the environment, quality of life and culture.


Development focus of the Association is strengthening the role of the civil society and reinforcing cooperation in joint vision of sustainable development.

More to know

  • Beside the activists, volunteers and members are working every day on different projects, the Association cooperates with number of various profiles experts. Cooperation with governmental institutions is satisfying. “Eko Element” is member of the Advisory Committee for the Sava River Basin, Concession Committee of the Central Bosnia Canton and Municipal Development Team for the field of Ecology. The constant activity is permanent education of members and capacities strengthening through all available seminars and lectures.
  • The Association participates in TACSO (Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organizations), the all-embracing seminars program.
  • The developing experience of the Friends of Nature – “Eko Element“ has been characterized by successful implementation of various projects in the field of environmental awareness and protection, which were brought up for the goals of water security and successful adaptation to climate change and promotion of sustainable development as a model for overall community development.
  • The project: “Restoration of green zones in urban part of Bugojno“, financed by SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) and REC (Regional Environmental Center), addressed the management and improvement of the environmental situation of urban areas through series of education sessions for citizens and elementary schools students. The joint activities of the association members and activists, citizens and youth have created 5 green zones in the town center and the entire project performance has been evaluated as very successful.
  • “Eko Element” provides scholarships each year for the most active volunteers.
  • The project: “Save our rivers“(in collaboration with UNDP and Bugojno Municipality), have addressed the issue of water resources management which included microbiological and chemical analysis of the Vrbas river tributaries in the area of Bugojno Municipality. A brochure has been published by “Eko Element“, presenting the water analyses results and precise current situation, the impact of urban areas on water pollution as well as an overview of the initiated activities to raise understanding and awareness about the emerging issue of water streams pollution and necessity for broad participation in order to address the issue.
  • The project “Earth Hour“ (WWF project) is a global project aimed at raising awareness about the negative impacts of climate change and the largest volunteer event on the planet, which is promoted and adopted in Bugojno, for the first time in B&H. This action has been performed for the last three years and it records permanent growth in number of cities-participants while “Eko Element” is, starting from last year, the official organizational partner for Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • The project: “Placards stands (pillars) and public advertising“,was implemented in cooperation with FMOIT (Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism). The implementation included youth participants in the promotional campaign and pointed out to citizens the importance of preservation of Bugojno town chestnut alleys; five placards stands were erected in the downtown. The significance of this initiative was recognized and supported by local municipality authorities and introduced to the investments funding list made by Municipal Committee for Capital Formation.
  • “Citizens build the town“ (in cooperation with UNDP and Bugojno Municipality) – creation of the Bugojno Municipality Development Strategy is the project of integrated local development with the purpose of identifying the objectives and priorities in realization of the economic, social and ecological goals together with projected achievements measures. Within the sector team in the area of environmental protection, the plan of programs and activities for the period 2011 – 2015 was produced.
  • “Restoration of tree alleys and greenery of Bugojno“was the first project of restoration of the town tree alleys since 1903. About 2000 different seedlings were planted with participation of large number of citizens.
  • The BELLS Movement (Balkan Environment Life Leadership Standard) has, through different actions, initiatives and education, contributed to citizens of West Balkan countries to enjoy their rights for healthy physical and social environment and better living standard. Through advocating project, the support of 10.000 citizens was insured to influence the decision makers to incorporate the issues of sustainable development and environmental protection when creating and carrying out the development policies. The Bugojno Municipality has signed the Agreement about the adoption and application of the highest European and World standards in the field of Ecology, while „Eko Element“ was awarded the title of “The Honorable Ambassador of the Environment“.
  • “The Billion Acts of Green“ is the campaign slogan of the 2011 Earth Day and “Eko Element”, together with other NGOs and citizens, organized planting of 200 decorating plants.
  • “Joint action for green industry“ is the project of establishing the “Watchdog“ group for monitoring of the industrial behavior with regard to the requirements stipulated in the Environmental Protection Law and requirements of the issued environmental approvals. “Eko Element“ will perform monitoring in the area of Central Bosnia Canton through active partnership with the Cantonal government in resolving the issues of industrial pollution.

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